The Power of Positivity: It’s Not “All Good”

So I’ve mentioned this a few times already in my posts. Positive pop culture and why it doesn’t deliver all that it could, or promises to deliver. It sounds so simple, and on some level it has that distinctive ring of truth, and this is what hooks us. We announce with renewed vigor that we are going to start “being more positive”. Part of us believes this is the cure all. If you are like most people, sooner or later, you fall back into the negativity cycle. A vicious feedback loop, sometimes, so subtle it’s hard to even pin point it as negativity. Continue reading “The Power of Positivity: It’s Not “All Good””

You the Thinker – Creating Peace of Mind

creating peace of mind, space between your thoughts
image courtesy of digital art/ freedigitalphotos

Let’s talk a little more about You the Thinker, not the thought. It is essential to gaining the clarity and awareness to begin your journey towards being and doing what you truly want to be and do.

Our minds are often so noisy, on several different pages all at once. As if there were a reading room, with competing characters speaking over each other all to get your attention. Then by default, we choose which character is telling us what we percieve as the most important message. This is usually determined by what evokes the most fear – a sometimes crucial defense mechinism. Continue reading “You the Thinker – Creating Peace of Mind”

What Good is Gratitude?

Huh! Gratitude! What is it good for? Absolutely everything . . .

What’s all this talk about gratitude, and what good is it to me? As the observer of your thoughts and feelings, you may also view life through another perspective. A true knowing that you’ve got it pretty good. We want and desire, we push and pull, but how often do we bask in the glow of all the beauty that surrounds us? No matter who we are, where we are, or what we are doing, there are at least 10 things to be grateful for in any given moment. And that is an ultra conservative number. Gratitude makes for fertile ground, the kind that dreams are truly built upon, though I digress. Continue reading “What Good is Gratitude?”