Action Precedes Motivation

All too often, we sit around and wait for some type of motivation genie to come along and sprinkle it’s magic dust on us so that we may begin down the road to our goals. This is the exactly wrong approach. In most cases, motivation is a result of action. Sometimes, it may feel as though we are spurred to action by some insight or inspired notion, but this fades quickly and cannot sustain. Continue reading “Action Precedes Motivation”

Create Simplicity & Happiness Today: 8 Awesome Action Items

Simplicity seems like an ever elusive art form. Something we can’t quite grasp but I’m sure we know that the lack of simplicity is mostly (if not all) either created or destroyed by our actions, habits and inclinations. And just a little bit of undoing can go a long way. Here is a quick fire list of what to do. You may find longer articles on points that need more depth later on. Continue reading “Create Simplicity & Happiness Today: 8 Awesome Action Items”