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  • Mind Games 101

    The Essence of Mind Games For the longest time I found myself trying to guess at what was written between the lines. I wanted to find out what people really… Read More

  • Does Humanity Really Suck?

    Doom and gloom is the tone of the day. We are on the brink of extinction, and have a better idea of the atrocities that happen every day – but… Read More

  • Getting High Off of Faliure

    Failure is our friend. The more we get used to and embrace this idea, the greater the heights we can reach and potentiality we can fulfill. Read More

  • Confirmation Bias – Your Achilles’ Heel?

    A lot of unhappiness and suffering stems from our misperception of the people and world around us. These┬áperceptions tell us the story or stories that can limit us and cause… Read More