About Thrive

I am a seeker of truths and Truth. An urgent curiosity to become better, learn more and end suffering for myself and others fuels my actions and fuels my life.

I study a lot. I absorb the information like a sponge, ripe for the soaking. I have been there – in the darkness and it has consumed me, but not whole. It has not been easy, but it has certainly been worth it.

I’m still finding my way; refining each area of my life. Measuring it up against the truth inside me, losing my way, and correcting course. A very wise confidant once told me that it is not alone a matter of doing the right thing, and not doing the right thing. It is more about readjusting your angle and then readjusting again, and then readjusting some more. Like a rocket going towards the moon, it does not start out in perfect alignment with the moon- it must re-angle time and time again to correct course. As do we.

If Thrive 365 were a book, this would be the inside cover:

We are here to transform. We are unhappy when we are the same, do the same, and think the same as we did before. The stronghold of routine and comfort keep us in place, but complacency has its own deep and gnawing pain. We are bigger than our realities, and circumstances. If you believe you may be wasting your life, that is enough to move towards what compels you. Everything can change in an instant, when we set the intention, raise our awareness and move towards it. 

Donna, MBA

Donna is a lecturer of business communication in Southern California. Her passions include personal development, continuous learning and a constant move towards a better quality of life. She loves sharing what she learns and helping others reach their greatest potential. She believes in building a better world, through first, building a better Self. Donna created Thrive-365 in early 2012 as part of her MBA coursework.

For further information please email her directly at thrivewithus@outlook.com.