Givling Game App – Pay down student loans and mortgage debt by playing trivia & crowdfunding the queue!

Givling Referral Code: DF421180

Here’s how to sign up and play!

Step 1: Sign up for Givling on iPhone or Android. (It’s free of course!) It’ll be easier to

Step 2: you need a code to open an account, use this one DF421180just Google, givling code and you’ll find one!

Step 3: Start playing right away and learn as you go, or, read below.

Good luck and may the FFG be with you!

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This short post will cover the following:  What Givling is, what Givling does and hopefully this helps you decide if it’s worth your time!

Givling and Me

I’ve been active on Givling since around August 2017 and have been present for many of its iterations. What I’ve learned is that it’s an organization with a strong purpose and mission that keeps picking up speed.

Their ultimate goal is to pay off a $50,000 loan a day! When I joined around August 2017, they were on their second loan. By the date of this post, they’ve paid off 14 loans! And they are only growing. The more people who join, the more loans that are paid off!

Pictured above is the Givling app’s main page.

The premise

Givling wants to help students pay off/down their student loans, and homeowners pay off/down their mortgages with a $50,000 check for winners.

How it Works

You, me and every one we know hops on the Givling app (you can use my code since you’ll need one DF421180 or find one online) to play trivia, watch ads, or buy coins. The sum of these activities generate money that go into paying off student loans for people who are in the “Queue”, or in line to get their debt paid! There are also weekly trivia challenges that help you gain points and win additional cash.

People get into the queue by collecting, and winning queue points.

Ways to get queue points!

  1. Free Play Trivia – Everyday you have two “free plays” to answer trivia questions and compete for weekly prizes. If you are on a winning team (asynchronous teams, so you just play and you’re randomly placed), then you have the chance to win a few thousand dollars each week. And you don’t even have to be good at trivia! In a lot of cases people who don’t earn many or any points and are just lucky enough to be on a team with trivia super stars.
  2. Givling challenges – Challenges vary, an example would be, anyone who plays on a particular day and uses at least one trivia free play, will get 15,000 bonus queue points.
  3. Interact with ads – you can watch three ads per hour (about 30 seconds each) and spin the wheel of queue points to see what you get!
  4. Interact with sponsors – get extra points by interacting with sponsors. For example, try Apple music for free, for 3 months and get a bunch of queue points.
  5. Buy coins! You can buy “coins” for 50c + a 30c transaction fee. You’ll get a certain number of queue points for each coin you buy.
  6. Invite friends. Everyone needs an invite code to join. You can use mine here or just type in Givling invite code online and pick one! (DF421180)

That’s about it! But as you can see, there are so many ways to gain points and most of them are free of cost. Of course your time and attention are extremely valuable. And that’s why sponsors are paying for them!

Another thing to remember is that Givling’s team is very conscientious and they want to make the game fair and fun for everyone. They are always looking for ways to improve and are very responsive to feedback. That being said, just keep playing because they’re always adding ways for you to win. Even if you think you can’t.

The Bottom Line

The way we look at it in my household is that it takes very little to play Givling and it can actually be fun, especially if you connect to the community online. So our effort is minimal and we are at least in the running to win cash to pay off a chunk of our mortgage (50k!!), and even if we don’t win, we are helping others break free of the chains of debt. Now, I’d say that’s a win, win, win!

So if you want to download Givling, use this link! Use this code DF421180 or you can Google givling code to choose a random one.

Let me know what your experience with Givling has been in the comments below!