The Lefkoe Method Review – Two Years Later


The first time I posted about the Lefkoe Method was in July of 2012. You can read that review here. (You can learn more about the method itself here. And how it is endorsed by many greats and even backed by science. Of course, I didn’t know any of that at that time of this writing.)

I was introduced to the Lefkoe Method when my cousin sent me this link, where I “eliminated 3 limiting beliefs.” (What does that even mean?!) Immediately, I began seeing changes in my life that were mainly in my inner world and how I perceived things – they were subtle.

I noticed a difference in how I reacted to the world around me. People, circumstances, and situations that would usually get me thinking certain negative thoughts about myself were flagged in my mind and questioned.

The “real change”, or the external, you-can-measure-it-and-point-to-it change, began shortly after that post was written. I hadn’t connected the dots until now.

Connecting the Dots

I just spent the last half-hour digging through old emails to figure out these dates to illustrate the chain of events; it’s kind of blowing my mind.

July 1st of 2012 – I wrote the first review of the Lefkoe Method; a couple of weeks prior I actually started the Natural Confidence program with the elimination of the first free belief. (In the entire program you eliminate 19 beliefs.)

July 11th of 2012 – Ten days later or as I like to think of it, my independence day, I quit smoking. I quit a habit I employed for half of my life span. I wrote about it here, and here.

Lefkoe Method Review, Natural Confidence, Limiting Beliefs,

Lefkoe Review

August 17th of 2012 – A little over a month after that I met with my soon-to-be new manager and was hired for a position I was not even interviewing for (I was interviewing for a temporary position and received a regular position!)

September 19th of 2012 – A little over another month, I started that position and left a job where I was stuck in a serious rut. Als, my new position was double the pay rate of my old and more aligned with my life’s purpose.

Can I attribute all of these dramatic life changes to the Lefkoe Method? Well, I don’t know if The Lefkoe Method can get 100% of the credit. I do a lot of work on myself. I meditate twice a day, I seek out greater understanding religiously and like to try on new paradigms. But I think a lot of us do. We do a lot of good things for ourselves in our own ways and strive for the best. It is not for lack of trying that results seem slow coming or no coming.

The bottom line is, we need something to change on a fundamental level and the Lefkoe Method helps to create that change. It did for me. It is witnessed in the timeline above. So shortly after I dove into eliminating the 19 beliefs in the Natural Confidence Program, I had a cascade of positive life changes.

A Shift in Limiting Beliefs

Without the Lefkoe Method at that point in time, without that insight and that shift in beliefs (I ended up eliminating 19 beliefs in the Natural Confidence program in a short period of time), I feel that those things wouldn’t have happened in that time frame. It is simply too uncanny.

I still can’t quite believe that 10 days after the first review I quit smoking. I used to believe that I could never quit smoking. I believed that others may be able to quit, but for me, it was not possible. I was a habitual smoker in the worst way.

And leaving a job where I was severely unhappy to another where my rate of pay doubled and I was doing work more aligned with my purpose – it’s like I was suddenly worthy of these endeavors or that I finally believed I was worth those endeavors.

In the past year, I have also taken part in the personal coaching sessions with Shelly Lefkoe where we work on beliefs one-on-one. Since I felt such a great shift from the Natural Confidence belief elimination program, I thought, why not? This brought me to the next level. After my first encounter with the Lefkoe Method, my career and love life went to a place I really couldn’t grasp. It was amazing.

Do yourself a favor, click here and you can eliminate three beliefs for free. Remember when I said that I did my first belief and I noticed changes? It only takes one. Give it a shot. The total cost is twenty minutes of your time. The possible payoff is obtaining the things you feel are not possible and a higher quality of life.

Please share your thoughts in the comments. I want to hear your story!

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Image borrowed from the Lefkoe Institute

*Affiliate links: I am a proud Lefkoe method affiliate. Since it has changed my life immeasurably, my goal to share the method is driven by my desire to help as many people as possible. I appreciate you using my links to try out the method. I’m able to run this blog and share my message more freely.

Thank you! 

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