Good Mistakes vs. Bad Mistakes: Exploding Fallacies

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Good mistakes versus bad mistakes

We are conditioned to believe that mistakes are inherently bad. This conditioning was created in childhood and reinforced throughout our lives. The origins are innocent enough – children are crazy little beasts and as a matter of course they make tons of mistakes. Parents try to manage the madness and want these beasts to stop making messes, hurting their siblings and ultimately just want them to remain safe.

The thing is that as new beings on the planet, children intuit that mistakes are how they learn and grow. Mistakes are how we begin to test our impact on the world and people around us. We measure physics and chemistry. As young toddling toddlers we experiment with gravity and the “first steps”. Continue reading “Good Mistakes vs. Bad Mistakes: Exploding Fallacies”

Understand Your Cognitive Biases and Make Better Decisions

Are You as Objective as You Believe?

Everyone wants to believe that they are or at least have the ability to be objective and rational. We like to believe we can tap into that, even if we know on some level we do not operate from that space regularly. There is often a gap between what we want our lives to look like and feel like, and what they actually look like and feel like. Why is this? Why and where does decision making go awry? And how does it happen so damn often without our notice? Continue reading “Understand Your Cognitive Biases and Make Better Decisions”

The Lefkoe Method Review – Two Years Later

The Lefkoe Method Review - One person's individual account

What We Want

The question is, has the Lefkoe method made a difference in my life since I purchased the Natural Confidence program two years ago? The best way to answer that is to address why you are looking, and why I was looking.

We all seek change – deep and meaningful change to get to the next level. We understand on a deeper level that we can enjoy a greater quality of life if we could only access more of our potential and stop working against ourselves, in small (or large) yet significant ways. This is what the Lefkoe Process is ultimately about. And below is a short version of how it changed things for me.

The first time I posted about the Lefkoe Method was in July of 2012. You can read that review here.

It was a pretty positive review. Written only a few weeks after I had begun doing the work of the Lefkoe Method and I already began seeing changes in my life. At that point, the changes were mainly in my inner world and how I perceived things.

I noticed a real difference in how I reacted to the world around me. People, circumstances, and situations that would usually get me thinking certain thoughts, negative thoughts about myself, were flagged in my mind and questioned. It was uncanny and liberating. The “real change”, or the external, you-can-measure-it-and-point-to-it change, began shortly after that post was written. Continue reading “The Lefkoe Method Review – Two Years Later”

What Eating Too Fast Leads To (hint: overeating is not the only thing)

By now I think we’ve all heard about the idea that it takes the body 20 minutes to know if it’s full. Well, I have recently learned, by this awesome food psychology guy Marc David, that it isn’t simply about knowing that the body is full, but something far greater than that.

This twenty minute time frame is not just about knowing that we are full, Continue reading “What Eating Too Fast Leads To (hint: overeating is not the only thing)”

Employ These Strategies and Sleep Better Tonight. (or I’ll give you a nickel)

Sleep is super important.

Most people (funnily enough, those who are not chronically sleep deprived) will feel a marked difference when losing as little as an hour of sleep a night. The differences usually include being easily stressed out, angered or emotional, losing cognitive function (slower to react, reaching for words, forgetting things, etc), and just being less happy. Also, sleeping time is essential time for the body to repair, heal, clean house. When we disturb that process, we are putting ourselves in harms way by weakening our immune response and not allowing the intelligence of this amazing body to do its thang. Continue reading “Employ These Strategies and Sleep Better Tonight. (or I’ll give you a nickel)”