Own Your Desires

“Of course the magic comes in when you fully own your desires; your synapses start firing at a different level and solutions start coming in, and you start emanating something … and the right people come in, but I think until you fully want what you want, you’re going to be swimming upstream.” Danielle LaPorte from an interview on The Good Life Project

Danielle LaPorte: Living With Fire And Desire

In what ways are you not allowing yourself to want what you want? I think you’d be surprised at the answers.

Allowing yourself to want what you want

If You are Waiting to Be Happy When X, Y or Z Happens, Read This First

I think many of us suffer from the same self-imposed affliction. Some call it the if-then syndrome, but most will recognize it as a perpetual waiting game. Life will begin when . . . I’ll be happy when . . . I graduate from college, I make X amount of money, I find my true love, I visit Iceland, I beat Candy Crush, I no longer lose my temper, I understand women, I understand men, I understand myself, I lose 15 pounds, the list can go on ad infinitum but its a tricky, tricky state of mind. One that will keep us waiting forever.

Be Here Now Egoic Mind If then Syndrom Be Happy
Egoic mind.
The thing is, the goal post is always moving. Once you get to that point you set up in the first place, you will create another point in some distant or even near future. For example: I will be happy when I graduate from college, Oh! I’ll be done when I finish grad school! Or maybe when I get that promotion . . . no, definitely, definitely, when I get married, life will begin, I’ll start living when I have kids . . . after the kids grow up, go to college, when I pay off college, or maybe when I retire, I can finally relax and be happy, but what about the afterlife? Does it sound familiar? Does it feel familiar? Continue reading “If You are Waiting to Be Happy When X, Y or Z Happens, Read This First”