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For the larger part of humanity’s existence on the planet, we have had a close and personal relationship with the earth. We walked barefoot upon the land, slept on the floor and spent our time out of doors. This relationship has been largely compromised with modern times, interior flooring, insulation, rubber shoes and the like. The very basic contact of our feet to the bare ground (grass, dirt, sand) is minimal. So what? You may ask. I like shoes! I love my hardwood floors! They protect me from danger and dirt and debris. It is a slice of modernity that I don’t have a problem with. Well, that’s what I thought too, until I was introduced to “earthing”.

At first, I only heard about Earthing (or Grounding) and quickly forgot. Much was not explained to me, except that it would benefit me, and it didn’t spark an interest. There was not much to remember. Then, a trusted coach recommended an earthing product (or the actual act of earthing) for the specific goal of releasing pent up energy. She also recommended a couple of other things to do, but this was the major one. In her description, I was experiencing inflammation

Earthing Feet Grass

Place your bare feet on grass, sand, ground, even concrete if it is not sealed. Always be sure to be careful for sharp or dangerous objects.

and this process would help that. Taking a leap of faith, I signed onto the Earthing website and ordered the product. The reason I opted for a product instead of going all natural was that it would have been very inconvenient for me to go outside for 30 minutes each day and put my bare feet on the ground. I didn’t have an enclosed outdoor area or anything. It may be different for you. Anyhow, I felt an effect instantly, I thought there had to be something to it. It was this calming effect, and I slept better that night than I had for years. I listened to an interview on the internet and soon after the purchase I read the book. I wish I had written a review at the time because now I hardly remember that life changing book, but one thing I know is that it rang true.

With extended us of earthing products, I realize I feel much better. Going for a day without earthing, I can feel the difference. You know when you go to the beach and you put your feet in the sand, and the water rushes up around your feet and you feel so exhilarated? Well as per Clint Ober, the ocean’s water is super conductive, making it the best place to earth. Go figure, the place where humans flock to. Where else do we go barefoot? NOWHERE, not really.

Earthing Beach Water

Since salt water is super conductive, the beach is an excellent place to earth. There are few places that make people happier than the beach, perhaps this a good reason why.

It is also supposed to be great for jet lag, when you are traveling and you need to get over your jet lag in a flash, go and find yourself a patch of grass or earth somewhere and stand or sit for 20-30 minutes. You will feel better in no time. It actually resets your clock. Don’t believe it? Try it.

Thinking of all the diseases that include inflammation, it would be great to get rid of some of that inflammation in anyway we can. I feel a lot more relaxed as well, that energy is released too. Earthing products work through the grounded sockets in your home. Plug them into that third eye prong and viola, you are earthing (they give you a little tester to make sure your outlets are grounded).

I am planning on going through the book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? at some point and I will report back the compelling data I once knew. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please ask! I’m an open book, or an open blog. 🙂

Be Well!

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