Earthing – Get Grounded and Feel Good


For the larger part of humanity’s existence on the planet, we have had a close and personal relationship with the earth. We walked barefoot upon the land, slept on the floor and spent our time out of doors. This relationship has been largely compromised with modern times, interior flooring, insulation, rubber shoes and the like. The very basic contact of our feet to the bare ground (grass, dirt, sand) is minimal. So what? You may ask. I like shoes! I love my hardwood floors! They protect me from danger and dirt and debris. It is a slice of modernity that I don’t have a problem with. Well, that’s what I thought too, until I was introduced to “earthing”. Continue reading “Earthing – Get Grounded and Feel Good”

Transcendental Mediation – What Can it Really Do for You?

If you know me, and you’ve asked, you may have heard me talk about Transcendental Mediation (TM) before, perhaps even very enthusiastically. PS: I tend to get really jazzed about things that I believe hold the keys to change. TM is one of the things that hold the keys to the greatest capacity of change that I have come across, and I have been actively looking for over a decade. Let me put this story into reverse to give you a bit of a background. Continue reading “Transcendental Mediation – What Can it Really Do for You?”

God, Why Have I Been so Inauthentic?

Why have I been so inauthentic? I’m not really asking God, but maybe I am. I have been hiding behind this veil of what I think I should be like, and what will everyone think of that person I think I should be? (Because they sure as heck won’t like the person I really am, or maybe they would really like it, and THEN what?). You know, so many brilliant people speak about authenticity, so I won’t plunge into that worthy and complex topic right now but what I will say is that I have been inauthentic. Continue reading “God, Why Have I Been so Inauthentic?”