Monday Pick-me-up!

With Monday lurking around the corner, and the freedom of the weekend passing us by yet again, a quick pick-me-up may be just what you need to start this week off right.

Initiate 3 acts of kindness. Now, why kindness, and how does that pick me up? I’m glad you asked that grasshopper, initiating an act of kindness raises levels of serotonin (“the molecule of happiness) in the giver, the recipient and, get this, any observers! That is a triple whammy if I’ve ever seen one. Perhaps you can ask that annoying, yet nice guy at the office how his weekend was. (Maybe to make up for all the times you huff and puff when he gets on your nerves) Compliment someone on an article of clothing you admire, or a haircut that looks refreshing. Things we may notice, but often keep quiet in the tradition of Mondays. Your challenge this Monday is to initiate 3 acts of kindness. Kind words, kind actions, and if you are feeling especially lazy, kind intentions. For the purposes of this exercise an intention will be defined as any focused thought. You can kindly intend a good day for a fellow coworker or anything like that.

Remember this and do this at the start of the day. You may find yourself on a roll, and more importantly you may very well find yourself looking for things which are good in your environment and the people that surround you. This seeing the good, through tired Monday eyes, will bring out more of the good to you. Like they say, life is about 10% what happens to you, and 90% your perceptions about what happens. Those are good numbers in your favor.

Let me know how it works out! Oh, and I’ll do it right along side you and report back my findings.

Happy Monday!

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