Beginning Life Again – As a Non-Smoker

I am 32 years old, and I’ve literally smoked for half of my life. Today at 2pm, it has been 5 days being smoke free. For a pack-a-day, chain-smoking, whoever-doesn’t-like-it-can-take-a-hike, type of gal, this is monumental. For anyone who smokes, or is thinking of quitting, or wants to quit, I’m going to give a few of the insights I’ve learned, so that maybe your path is a little less rocky. Continue reading “Beginning Life Again – As a Non-Smoker”

The Painbody

Thanks to a friend of mine, recently I’ve become more aware of what Eckhart Tolle calls the “painbody”. I was telling her how sometimes I can be very self-destructive.  It’s as if I can sense this destructive force within me, but I am powerless to it.  My friend immediately identified this energy as the painbody and in doing so, helped me to better understand what was going on. Continue reading “The Painbody”

A Life of Meaning – Scratching the Surface

There are few things we can be absolutely certain of. Two of them are, we were born and we will die. Everything else is conjecture. I absolutely believe in the magic of things felt and not seen. I am a believer that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience. And I wonder what this all means to our realities and how can we use our spirituality in a way that provides for a meaningful and fulfilling life. Continue reading “A Life of Meaning – Scratching the Surface”