Create Simplicity & Happiness Today: 8 Awesome Action Items

Simplicity seems like an ever elusive art form. Something we can’t quite grasp but I’m sure we know that the lack of simplicity is mostly (if not all) either created or destroyed by our actions, habits and inclinations. And just a little bit of undoing can go a long way. Here is a quick fire list of what to do. You may find longer articles on points that need more depth later on.

1. Eliminate physical excesses – de-clutter your surroundings. Those things you don’t use around the house, sell them or give them away. Make way for the new. Start with just one or two objects and see how that makes you feel.

2. Eliminate virtual clutter – unsubscribe to email listings you don’t read or find yourself deleting. You can always resubscribe later. If you have that fear of missing out, create a folder and a filter so those emails will go into a specific folder and not block you mentally.

3. Information control – minimize all sources of information which do not serve you. The evening news or other sources that may ping your cell phone when an especially heinous thing as happened. If it’s not helping you, get rid of it.

4. Avoid energy vampires – dump the haters, the naysayers, those that do not believe in you and lift you up. It will give you so much energy and make you feel better about yourself and your world. Sorry naysayers, you’re just killing the vibe.

5. Prioritize things in your life – write down your goals-long and short term. Ask yourself if what you are doing now is contributing to your happiness now or in the future. If it’s not, find out why you are doing it.

6. Fun – laugh more often, remember to breathe, do not watch television news,

7. Learn to say no – take care of yourself first-only then can you take care of others.

8. And others for the lyrical at heart – smile more often, give without thinking, receive gracefully, cultivate an abundant mindset, see the sunny side, don’t overanalyze, take it with a grain of salt, dance in traffic (in your car), slow down, calm down, slow dance, close your eyes during the day – not while your driving, give silent blessings and verbal praise, appreciate nature, smile at children, walk a mile in anthers’ shoes, cultivate faith, count the stars, feel your feelings, forgive, embrace life, moment by moment, and always be kind.

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