How Did You Get Here?

Mom and Dad perhaps told you it was some sort of pelican or stork that brought you along, dropped you off on the lawn, and hence began your journey as a certified earthling. I’m not here to discuss with you the birds and the bees (not at this moment anyway).

I’m actually asking, how did you get HERE, to this page, reading these words right NOW? What was each step along the way comprised of? What do the voices in your head say? Are you looking to be better, and live a better, healthier, happier life? Are you seeking to turn down the volume on the crazy and find some peace? Or do you just feel, deep down, that there is something else, something more that you can obtain out of life, that you can experience, and somehow, you are just barely missing the boat? I think we all are missing bits and pieces, invaluable information, that when shared and practiced can bring us all to that place. Little by little, step by step, or perhaps in giant leaps. It always seems that it comes in leaps, but the seeds are planted well before. Let’s begin the journey, shall we?

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