Stop the Junk Mail, Junk Calls and Reclaim Your Time

There is so much mental and physical clutter that keeps us from staying focused, and on task (even if that task is chilling out!)

Every piece of rubbish junk mail that fills up our physical or digital mailboxes, and each pesky call that comes through to our cell phone asking us to buy this or that or the other add up!

You can think of each disturbance as a little stone thrown against your peace of mind, focus, and energy. Day in and day out, it can be energy sapping! And certainly, keep us from our task at hand!

So what to do? I started considering the cost of such disturbances. How much does it “cost” to have to go through dozens of pieces of mail every week and figure out which pieces you need to shred, which you can trash, and which are actually important. Calculating the cost of going through the actual process, and then the accumulated cost of mental clutter it causes the see the stack pile up each day. Not to mention the actual time or money cost of shredding documents with your sensitive information on them.

There is also a hidden cost we rarely think of. That is the threat of identity theft. With so many credit card offers and other types of credit-extension offers circulating through the sometimes, unsecured post systems, we ought to stop or minimize the volume of documents with our sensitive information from even being created.


Well, it was started to get on my nerves (a lot!) so I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t we find a solution?” And that I did.

I started the process back in late March, and now it’s September and I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in credit card offers, car loan offers, other offers from credit card companies, mortgage insurance offers, catalogs I have no or little interest in, and other random junk mail! Now, we just have got to get my other half to do this and we’ll be all good.

Here’s what I did and what you can do:

#1: Stop calling me!!

The national “Do Not Call Registry” was created by the Federal Trade Commission to help protect consumers from incessant sales calls. It helps gets you off of the telemarketer’s radar. There are still those that fly under the radar of the law, so you can report them separately through the same link.

National Do Not Call Registry

You can register your phone and put it on a “Do Not Call List” for 5 years by registering online, or do it permanently, and do it through mail.

You can also report unwanted calls and check your registration. My calls have gone down significantly since I registered.

#2 Choose How You Get Marketed To!

The Data & Marketing Choice Association has a service where you can decide what types of direct mail marketing you’d like to receive and stop receiving from different companies.

You’ve got to register for the site and there is a one time fee of $2 for this service. (I think it’s a fair trade off for how much we have to gain!)

Data & Marketing Association Manage My Mail Page –

You can see in the above image, the once you get registered, you can decide how to manage catalog, magazine, credit card (at the very bottom) and other offers. You get a lot of choices, so if there are mailings you want to begin receiving, you can do that here.  See the shot below and all the catalogs you have to choose from. You can also do a one step opt out of all paper catalogs as well.

Managing catalogs

They also have an email preferences system. You can include yourself on a list to be cleared from email list services that are in compliance. This is not all marketers, and it does not include business to business marketing. They maintain that they do not sell or provide the list for any other purpose rather than to clear you off of marketing rosters. It is a free service that lasts six years.

Local Mailers

ValPak anyone? The Valpak poses a special problem for me. I can’t just recycle it or throw it away without looking at it first. And looking through it takes time and mental processing. What if there is a really cool deal in there? So I go through them, more often than not, save coupons I won’t usually use and take up my precious time, space and keen, yet finite mental processing energy.

So what’s the solution? Opt out of the physical ValPak and browse their coupons online for your location, when you are going to buy local products or services. The best of both worlds!

Opt out here.

Browse coupons here (just punch in your zip code)

RedPlum Mailers too!

The same goes for the RedPlum mailers! Go digital and on demand!

Opt out

Browse online! 

Hopefully, this was helpful! Less clutter, less stress, more happiness. Also, junk mail takes a YUUUGE bit out of our precious natural resources and our precious time here on our little blue planet.





Are you wondering why change is so hard? Here’s how to make it easier.

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I wanted to touch base here and relay how things have changed, and why I credit The Lefkoe Method, Natural Confidence program as well as Shelly Lefkoe’s personal coaching with much of my success. This blog as been my way to chronicle this journey from the start, so, I thought we should keep that going. 🙂

It’s funny because much of the time when we have a certain desire or outcome in mind and we don’t see any feasible way for it to take place we stop there and downgrade our desires. We look for incremental changes that aren’t far off from what we have now instead. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make change and it can happen faster than we first imagine. We just have to approach the problem in the right way. We have to dig deep and grab the issues by their root.

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Nine Ways to Stay Cool in This Heat

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The heat can be unbearable. Especially if it’s combined with dry and windy conditions. It can make people moody, sick, allergy ridden, and overall lethargic. Since I am especially heat sensitive I decided to pass along some nice tips I’ve learned along the way. Of course I will start with the obvious basics because sometimes they are easy to forget.

Stay Cool

#1. Drink plenty of water, but make sure to drink it throughout your day. You don’t want to drink up all at once and feel bloated. Feeling bloated and hot are a bad combination. Also, you can drink other things, but stay away from too much caffeine or alcoholic beverages. I know an iced latte or ice cold beer may sound nice on a hot day, but it’ll only make it worse.

#2. Cover them windows. If you don’t have central AC or even if you do, cover up windows that receive direct sunlight with heavy curtains, or you can improvise with a comforter. Yes, it can be that serious. It was so hot in the condo where I live yesterday that I felt the heat emanating from the walls.

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Three Ways to Make Your Commute Count

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The average American spends 25.4 minutes per way driving to and from work, that’s about 190 hours per year, accounting for vacation and holiday time. In areas like Southern California, that number goes up quite a bit. It can be seen as wasted time, the cost of working where you want to work and living where you want to live, or a scourge on your existence but I believe it can be so much more. This time is given to you as a little gift from the traffic Gods and you can do amazing things with it.

Freeway University

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