Givling Game App – Pay down student loans and mortgage debt by playing trivia & crowdfunding the queue!

Givling Referral Code: DF421180

Here’s how to sign up and play!

Step 1: Sign up for Givling on iPhone or Android. (It’s free of course!) It’ll be easier to

Step 2: you need a code to open an account, use this one DF421180just Google, givling code and you’ll find one!

Step 3: Start playing right away and learn as you go, or, read below.

Good luck and may the FFG be with you!

Learn More Here!

This short post will cover the following:  What Givling is, what Givling does and hopefully this helps you decide if it’s worth your time!

Givling and Me

I’ve been active on Givling since around August 2017 and have been present for many of its iterations. What I’ve learned is that it’s an organization with a strong purpose and mission that keeps picking up speed.

Their ultimate goal is to pay off a $50,000 loan a day! When I joined around August 2017, they were on their second loan. By the date of this post, they’ve paid off 14 loans! And they are only growing. The more people who join, the more loans that are paid off!

Pictured above is the Givling app’s main page.

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Stop the Junk Mail, Junk Calls and Reclaim Your Time

There is so much mental and physical clutter that keeps us from staying focused, and on task (even if that task is chilling out!)

Every piece of rubbish junk mail that fills up our physical or digital mailboxes, and each pesky call that comes through to our cell phone asking us to buy this or that or the other add up!

You can think of each disturbance as a little stone thrown against your peace of mind, focus, and energy. Day in and day out, it can be energy sapping! And certainly, keep us from our task at hand!

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Are you wondering why change is so hard? Here’s how to make it easier.

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The question occurred to me during my morning meditation – how do things change or how can we change things in our lives? Then upon reflection I saw the grandest changes that have brought the most happiness and external results have all followed the same route into physical reality. A repeatable path, if you will.

What it Appears to Be

Sometimes we have this idea that people just wake up one day and change their life’s trajectory out of the blue. We hear about it all the

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The Lefkoe Method Review – 4.5 Years Later

limiting beliefs, how to change them, lefkoe review

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 5 years since I first eliminated my first belief with the Lefkoe Method. A lot can happen in almost 5 years. And as many of us know too well, a lot can stay the same too.

I wanted to touch base here and relay how things have changed, and why I credit The Lefkoe Method, Natural Confidence program as well as Shelly Lefkoe’s personal coaching with much of my success. This blog as been my way to chronicle this journey from the start, so, I thought we should keep that going. 🙂

It’s funny because much of the time when we have a certain desire or outcome in mind and we don’t see any feasible way for it to take place we stop there and downgrade our desires. We look for incremental changes that aren’t far off from what we have now instead. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make change and it can happen faster than we first imagine. We just have to approach the problem in the right way. We have to dig deep and grab the issues by their root.

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